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What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small text data file sent by a website that is stored on your browser when you visit a site. It makes it possible to temporarily save anonymous information, for example about the number of visitors, the average length of visits or the number of pages viewed. 
Each time an Internet user visits a site the data on his/her previous visit is retrieved. Some cookies are needed for using the site, making it possible to personalize and optimize the display of contents, and others to measure the site’s performance and anomalies and to secure access to it. 
Cookies are managed by your Internet browser, and only the cookie transmitter may read or modify the information contained in them. 

Use of cookies

The cookies used on our websites make it possible: 

  • To optimize the presentation of our sites for the display preferences of your device (computer, mobile or tablet) 

  • To establish statistics and measure audiences to improve the use of our sites, click stream patterns and features we offer

  • For you to share our contents on social media via the AddThis share button

Cookie Management 

We use "Google Analytics" to establish audience statistics. You can access our websites while refusing these trackers and browsing will be in no way impaired.
Deactivate Google Analytics when you visit (  

Deactivate Google Analytics when you visit

Other trackers can be placed on your computer by other sites when you access pages with inclusions coming from those sites.

Shared Cookie Management: 

You can authorize or refuse the installation of cookies on your device using the appropriate parameters of your browser software on the Internet. Since each browser is different, you must check how to change the cookie preferences in your browser’s “Help” menu. You can accept or refuse cookies one by one or refuse them all. 

Deactivating cookies may however prevent the use of some features or prevent sharing a video or content via social media. 

You can also set your browser to send you a code indicating the websites on which you do not want to be tracked. (option "Do Not Track"). 


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We also invite you to consult the CNIL website (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés) to learn more about your rights and how to control your personal data on the Internet: