Discover the Palais de la Porte Dorée, the Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration or the Tropical Aquarium with your family.

Family tours are available at the Palais welcome desk.

Full price : 10 €
Reduced price : 6 €

Reservation required:

The Museum

In a group or with the family, young children can visit the exhibitions of the Musée national de l'histoire de l'immigration on a discovery tour with a trained guide and participate in creative workshops designed and conducted by artists centered on the collections.

"My Pocket Map" Workshop

atelier 2017 (2)

For children over 6
2 hours
After visiting the permanent exhibition Repères, where they are introduced to the concept of borders and the need for some people to cross them and for others to reinforce them, the children are invited to create a map on which they place territories, plausible routes through them and obstacles to be overcome.
Using stencils, crayons and brushes, the children will go across mountains and forests and brave winds and seas until they reach their destination. In this way they will become one with the map and undergo the experience of a “crosser”. 


"Dream Catcher" Workshop

visuel atelier capteur de reve short

For children over 6
2 hours
After visiting the permanent exhibition Repères, the participants are invited to imagine a dream catcher echoing the life stories of women and men who have left their country dreaming of a better life.


The Aquarium

Carp Banner WorkshopCome observe with a lecturer some of the emblematic species of the Tropical Aquarium and discover his or her commitment to understanding and preserving these rich environments. The Aquarium also proposes activities for children (from age 3) or for families.

Bandes de carpes koinobori fuji

For children 6 to 8
1,5 hours
In the Japanese koinobori manner, children are shown how to create carp banners inspired by the live collections in the Aquarium.
Off to Japan! Do you know what a Koinobori is? It’s a traditional Japanese windsock or banner inspired by Koï carps. And Koï carps are also at the aquarium!
After encountering multicolored fish, this workshop invites participants to make carp banners (the famous Koinobori), inspired by the fish they have seen or by giving free rein to their imaginations.

"Paper Scales" Workshop

Rascasse aquarium

Photo : Déodat Manchon © Palais de la Porte Dorée

For Children 3 to 5
1 hour
This workshop will awaken the child’s awareness to the idea of recycling and making things by hand.
First they will discover two fish species among the living collections in the Aquarium. Then it’s time for creativity! These two fish will serve as an inspiration to make a model of one of these species using recovered materials.

“Crocs !”

atelier a croc alligator vert

Children 3 to 5 and 6 to 8
The “Crocs” workshop helps children discover the world of alligators and crocodilians.
Do you know Laury and Dundy?
White as snow, these two young albino alligators are the stars of the Tropical Aquarium!
After visiting the crocodiles, the young visitors make their own alligators using cardboard, pastels and paper fasteners.
Careful of your fingers, they may bite!