The Public Institution of the Palais de la Porte Dorée is administered by a Board of Directors and relies on a Policy Board that is consulted on its scientific and cultural project for all actions and events.

The Board of Directors

The Public Institution is administered by a Board of Directors composed of 22 members. In its proceedings, the Board of Directors conducts the business of the Institution. 

Mercedes Erra, Executive President of Havas Worldwide presides the Board of Directors.

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The proceedings of the Board of Directors relate notably to:

  • General orientations of cultural policy, especially concerning acquisition of cultural assets, programming of events and relations with partners, the scientific and cultural project that is adopted further to the opinion of the Policy Board, and the program of temporary exhibits;
  • Activity reports;
  • The multiannual contract;
  • The budget and its modifications, as well as the financial account and the utilization of the results of the fiscal year;
  • The orientations of pricing policy; concessions, authorizations for the occupation and use of public property and the public service delegations;
  • Loans, acquisitions, extensions and divestments in participation and the creation of affiliates, as well as participation in public interest groups, foundations or associations; acquisition of buildings, leases, sales and rentals of buildings;
  • Categories of agreements, excluding those that due to their nature or the funds committed, must be submitted to it for approval and those for which it delegates the responsibility to the Executive Director, under the condition that she informs it, during the next meeting of the Board, of the decisions she has taken in accordance with this delegation;
  • The Institution’s organizational principles;
  • General terms of employment and salaries of staff under contract;
  • Rules of procedure;
  • Transactions and lawsuits;
  • Gifts and bequests other than cultural assets to be placed in the collections of the national museum.

The Policy Board

The Institution’s Policy Board consists of four colleges composed of 32 members. It is consulted especially for the scientific and cultural projects of the National Museum of the History of Immigration (Musée national de l’histoire de l’Immigration) and the Tropical Aquarium as well as the Institution’s program of activities.

François Héran presides the Policy Board.

Download the list of the members of the Policy Board

The Policy Board of the Institution is consulted on:

  • Scientific and cultural projects of the National Museum, on proposals from the college of professionals and qualified persons;
  • The multiannual contract project;
  • The Institution’s program of activities, especially cultural programs, actions in favor of the public and actions undertaken in education and research;
  • The policy of relations with the network of partners;
  • Any other question submitted to it by the Executive Director or the Board of Directors;
  • It is also consulted, limited to the college of professionals and qualified persons, for the Institution’s research program as well as for projects for the acquisition and restoration of cultural assets, loans and deposits of collections, terms of acquisition, selection, conservation, digitization and diffusion of documents of which the Institution has custody;
  • It contributes to the development of the Institution’s relations with French and foreign organizations that pursue goals related to its own missions.