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Mondes tsiganes

Temporary Exhibition until August 26, 2018

affiche mondes tsiganes

Mondes tsiganes. La fabrique des images is a two-part exhibition which explores the relationships between photography and the Manouches, the Kalé and the Roma – the people whom the others call Romanichals, Gitanos and Gypsies. Their presence has always drawn the attention of artists and reporters. Whether they are citizens of France or of other countries, they are constantly regarded as outsiders.

 A photographic story, 1860-1980

carte postale web monde tsiganes

Gitanes du quartier de Sacromonte, Grenade, vers 1920-1930, cartes postales doubles, 10x14 © collection privée.

The first part of the exhibition, A photographic story, 1860-1980,aims at showing how the photographs of these communities were made. The different uses of photography show the gradual construction of the stereotypes they have frequently suffered from. Over time, other gazes were turned on their many family journeys and private destinies. Far from reductive clichés and stereotypes, the images reflect encounters between photographers and their subjects. They allow another history to be discerned – individual faces stand out against the images of their lives.

Les Gorgan, 1995-2015

johny et vanessa arles 1997 Mathieu Pernot

Johny et Vanessa, Arles, 1997 © Mathieu Pernot

The second part, called les Gorgans, 1995-2015, focuses on the experience Mathieu Pernot had with a Rom family. Mixing his photographs with their own archival documents, Pernot underlines the singularity of each family member beyond their community.

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