The Museum and the world

The Museum’s strategy for development and expansion of its international influence is structured around two main axes: actively contributing to the emergence and operation of a new international network of migration museums and producing or co-producing international projects.

Migration Museums Network

The Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration is a member of the steering committee for the international Migration Museums Network, a group of 24 museums and heritage sites in 17 countries, which have united to give greater visibility to the key issues relating to migrations in the world.

Since 2019, this network has been developing actions to combat xenophobia, and has contributed to the protection of migrants and their basic rights. It takes part in the programming of international refugee days in June and migrant days in December on social media. Since 2021, the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience has been coordinating this network.

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International projects

The museum participates in international projects within the framework of cultural cooperation with partners in its network and with actors who request it at the international level.